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I have a 56k modem, however I never reach the connection speed higher than 33.6k. Why?

To reach speed higher than 33.6k certain conditions should be met. First of all, the connection between you and your provider must be completely digital. Analog transmission of signals is allowed only from you up to your telephone exchange. In case on the way from your telephone exchange up to the incoming lines of your provider, only a single shift to analog signalization happens, the speed approaching 56k is not possible to reach. For transmission speed of 56k supports V.90 communication protocol, so that to reach these speeds you have to install a modem that completely supports V.90 protocol.

Every time I try to connect the computer always asks to enter username and code. I cannot connect! Why?

Here are some of the most frequent reasons of this problem:

  • most probably your subscription has expired
  • Users often by mistake enter user name and code incorrectly.
    • Check whether Caps Lock (block letters) is switched off.
    • Check whether you have by mistake entered a space before or after the name or password
    • User name and code are sensitive to uppercase and lowercase letters:
      In case you set the code to contain both lower and uppercase letters
      then you have to enter the code with the precise distribution of lowercase and uppercase letters
  • In case you activated BeeLock service of, then it is possible that you have blocked by mistake the access of from your telephone number. In this case call our Technical Support by phone or in person.

MyNeobee section does not function! Why?

The only reason why MyNeobee section does not operate can be that you are using Proxy server during the access. MyNeobee section cannot be accessed through Proxy. See Instructions for setting of web browser, set Proxy correctly, or disconnect it completely.

I cannot access my e-mail messages. My e-mail program reports error.

E-mail servers of are:

  • POP3 (Incoming server):
  • SMTP (Outgoing server):

Check if the addresses of servers are correctly entered as well as your user name and code. Check if all SSL and Security options in your e-mail program are switched off, because it also can be the reason for the problem

What is the capacity of space for the receipt of e-mail messages?

Your personal mail box has 100MB

What is the maximum capacity for personal web presentation?

The capacity of the personal presentation can be the maximum of 3MB

Can I access my e-mail if I am not connected through access lines

You can have access to your mail box from any part of the world through our webmail. The only condition is that your order has not expired, i.e. that you subscription time is not in the red. Webmail page is on address :

NEOBEE.NET | Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta 55a | Beograd, Kralja Petra 20 | Niš, Cara Dušana 35